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Healer of joints

Coach Gil aka Jose Boesch
4612 4th St. Marrero La 70072 US

Goata Movement


Corrective exercise coach

"Move to heal not heal to move"
IG: @goata_loco
Twitter: @@goata_movement
FB: goataloco

GLS Training GOATA Movement

Gary Scheffler
4612 4th Marrero, Louisiana 70072

GOATA Locomotive Systems

Owner of GLS Training Facility (Marrero/ Northshore)

Coaches Super Athletes leading to D1 Scholarships and Professional Sports Movement Recoding for all. Injury Prevention Specialist. The Recode is Real.

IG: @gls_training

Human Optimization

RJ Archibald
Boston, MA

Trained Chemical & Biological Engineer, Chemist

Specialize in maximizing human performance via perfecting energy transfer efficiency

IG: @loadthebow

Professor Coach for GOATA

Ricky Stanzi
Cleveland, OH

helping build the curriculum for the incoming coaches

4yrs NFL

"Nature is the teacher…observe and train accordingly. "
IG: @red_pill.rick
Twitter: @ricky_GOATA
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Frequently asked Questions

Yes of course, get in touch with us and we will arrange the details after booking an appointment.

Please get in touch with us as we have coaches around the country.

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