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GOATA Coaches are the pinnacle of the industry. They are unmatched in their knowledge and skill set. GOATA coaches come from many backgrounds and expertises, but we arrived at the same conclusion. GOATA is the way forward. Experienced Coaches, Therapists, Trainers, and Veteran Athletes value and trust this approach.

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Pain Free Performance

GOATA coaches have a thorough understanding of an optimal movement pattern that ensures you move through space without pain.  This pattern is apparent to be present across the lifespan.  Everything a GOATA Coach does can be verifiable by slow motion evidence.  They will use definitive language and they don’t sugarcoat it.  This means that if you are at risk for an injury, a GOATA coach will tell you, help you identify it, and make a plan to get you away from the pattern of injury and closer to the pattern of PAIN FREE PERFORMANCE.



Awaken your nervous system

Protect your connective tissue for life

Move with explosive fluidity


“Coming here to GOATA was the biggest change of my life. Everything was hurting me last year and I couldn’t play. I couldn’t run. I came here for 3 weeks and i’ve been running full speed and I haven’t felt a single twitch in my body. And I’m trying to translate that message to as many young athletes as I can.”
Keith Kirkwood
WR New Orleans Saints

“I used to think my hurting knees were normal.  Now I can run a 4.3 40 with no knee pain. Much better than a 4.5 with pain.”

GOATA Joe Este
Former Tennessee Titans and Winnipeg Bombers Free Agent
"I am now squatting again after 5 years of knee pain. After less than 4 months of GOATA recoding! The Recode is REAL!
Lee poston PHysical therapst, MDT
“Learning the secrets to the movement was an eye-opening experience. I always knew something was not right and just couln’t put my finger on it without Coach Gil’s help. The slow-motion video was the key for me to start my journey.”
Darell Williams
Running Back Kansas City Chiefs
“I know for sure, Kaden would never have been able to accomplish what he did without GOATA.”
(Kaden Washington Lewis, Track Athlete)
Kris Lewis
SACS Club Track & Field Coach, Father

GOATA Movement and Cerebral Palsy 

"I will always be a lifelong Advocate for GOATA Movement Systems. I live with Cerebral Palsy, a condition that limits my walking ability. I have been working diligently over the last year with GOATA.The coaches helped me loosen up my hips through establishing a groundwork routine improving my balance. I finally can fix my weak ankles and correct my feet from turning out because of my condition with the slant board drills. My family and friends can tell the difference in my walking pattern. My movements are more explosive, and my nervous system is responsive. I plan on becoming a GOATA coach one day and I will implement the system with my future clients."

Remote Client and Overcomer-Tevin Cherry
aka Buster the Strongman

Our Philosophy

Pain-Free Movement

Endurance Durable

Locomotive Brilliance

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